Maculan, Torcolato, Dolce, Breganze 2000

Vespaiola 100%


Maculan’s Torcolato di Breganze is one of those wines that stands out for the intense bouquet it is capable of offering. Produced from Vespaiola grapes, there have been records of Torcolato dating back to 1610, and they tell us that the name of the wine originates from the ancient practice with which it was vinified: the grapes, once harvested, were left to wither in the cellars or attics and, to save space, were hung from the beams and twisted ( “torcolate” in the local dialect) with strings. Today, the withering process lasts a little over three months, but it takes place in a drying room, while the aging continues in French oak barriques, with 1/3 being new and 2/3 second passage.

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