Our Story

For over four decades, Mansueto Provision has been the cornerstone of luxury yacht provisioning, delivering unparalleled quality and service globally. Our legacy spans 43 years, cultivating an esteemed reputation as the go-to destination in the yachting world. With certifications like CE ITN5F4N and HACCP, we stand out for our unwavering commitment to reliability and excellence, setting new standards in the industry.

our collection

Mansueto Wine stands as the distinguished wine e-commerce platform proudly affiliated with Mansueto Provision, a globally renowned leader in luxury yacht provisioning for over four decades. Born from Mansueto Provision’s legacy of excellence and meticulous curation, Mansueto Wine brings forth an unparalleled collection of over 50,000 bottles, embodying the same commitment to quality, distinction, and global accessibility. This esteemed association ensures that every bottle procured through Mansueto Wine reflects the heritage, expertise, and exceptional standards synonymous with Mansueto Provision, offering connoisseurs an unrivaled experience in wine selection and enjoyment.


With an extensive cellar boasting over 50,000 bottles, we redefine the art of wine curation. From renowned classics to hidden treasures, our collection mirrors a commitment to quality, distinction, and global accessibility. Born from the legacy of Mansueto Provision, a leader in luxury yacht provisioning, our platform ensures that each bottle tells a story of heritage and expertise.