Paul Jaboulet Aine Cornas Domaine de Saint Pierre 1997

Syrah 100%


For just under two centuries, the hills of Hermitage in the Rhône Valley have guarded the secret of an encounter that saw Antoine Jaboulet settle in those lands, which would indelibly mark his destiny. It was in 1834 when Antoine began cultivating his own vineyards, which through hard work, passion, toil, and sweat, started to yield wines of exceptional quality. Later, Antoine was succeeded by his sons Henri and Paul, with the latter being the one from whom the ‘Paul Jaboulet Aîné’ Domaine took its name. Since then, from generation to generation, the domaine was run by the Jaboulet family until 2006, when the business was purchased by the Frey family, long-standing winemakers in the Champagne region and owners of Château La Lagune in Bordeaux. With Caroline Frey, who currently serves as both the owner and winemaker of the domaine, the ‘Paul Jaboulet Aîné’ cellar, which has retained its historic name, follows a well-defined approach, explained in Caroline’s own words: ‘There is no great wine without great grapes, which is why at Domaine Paul Jaboulet Aîné, vine culture is the heart of our activity. Every plant must ripen its grapes under the best conditions, releasing into the fruit what it takes from the soil. Eager to preserve the quality of our soils and the diversity of our lands, since 2013, we have followed organic farming standards, and through efforts to minimize our environmental impact, we obtained ISO 14001 certification in 2012. Wines labeled ‘Paul Jaboulet Aîné’ originate from high-quality grapes, processed through careful vinification and matured with great finesse. Belonging to the finest appellations in the Rhône Valley, these wines represent the purest expression of

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