Umani Ronchi Cumaro 2000

Montepulciano 100%


Cumaro” is the successful outcome of a significant effort aimed at promoting local viticulture. Since the early stages of its history, the Umani Ronchi winery has distinguished itself as a great interpreter of one of the most representative wines of the Marche region, the Rosso Conero. For this reason, most of the vineyard properties owned by the Umani Ronchi winery (approximately 200 hectares divided into 10 plots) are dedicated to enhancing the terroir and the native Marche grape varieties. Following this uncompromising approach, in the early 1980s, Cumaro was created with the aim of highlighting an area characterized by its proximity to the sea and highly calcareous soils, along with a grape variety, Montepulciano. This was achieved through a rigorous selection of grapes in the vineyard and the use of modern, at that time, winemaking and aging techniques.

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