Maurigi, Tenuta di Budonetto, Le Chiare Viognier Sicilia IGT 2008

Viognier 100%


The Budonetto Estate of the Maurigi Counts is a piece of land located in the area of Piazza Armerina, a city that experienced its glory during the Middle Ages under the Norman rule of Count Ruggero when it achieved significant growth in wheat production and trade. The “baglio,” originally a monastery from the 15th century, in the southwestern part of the estate, has now been restored by Francesco Maurigi and is in direct contact with the surrounding territory, immersed among pastures, orchards, and olive groves. These lands had never been used for grape cultivation due to their particular microclimatic conditions, composition, and exposure, which made viticulture challenging.It’s a story in every era, in every place, and in the life of every person. The insight that the same complexity of a territory traditionally used for other purposes could make it highly suitable for innovative and high-quality grape cultivation came from Francesco Maurigi, who, in 1996, established a winery and planted non-native grape varieties on 40 hectares of the estate. It was a courageous entrepreneurial challenge and an ongoing project, designed for his three daughters Maria, Sofia, and Ottavia, to whom he dedicated the production of three vineyards.

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