Frescobaldi, Castelgiocondo,Ripe al Convento, Brunello di Montalcino Riserva DOCG 2010

Sangiovese 100%


The village of Castelgiocondo overlooks the historic estate of the Frescobaldi family in Montalcino, an ancient fortress built in 1100 to defend the road from the sea to Siena. A place rich in history, it is indeed one of the first four properties where the production of Brunello di Montalcino began in the 1800s. The estate is located in an ideal terroir for Sangiovese and the production of excellent wines. The vineyards are situated at elevations between 300 and 400 meters, with well-draining soils and a sunny and favorable southwest exposure.In the vineyard, meticulous care, high planting densities, and low yields allow the production of a great Brunello, characterized by elegant structure and remarkable longevity. From the Ripe al Convento vineyard, at an altitude between 350 and 450 meters, this wine is born, the result of a meticulous selection that begins in the vineyard and continues in the cellar with the manual sorting of each grape. A Reserve Brunello with a strong personality and extraordinary longevity, it matures partly in Slavonian oak barrels and partly in French oak barriques. In the glass, it surprises not only for its elegance but also for its strength and persistence.

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