Marziano Abbona Vigna Munta – Dolcetto di Dogliani DOCG 2001

Dolcetto 100%


Founded in 1970, Marziano Abbona winery originates from the work of Celso, Marziano’s father, who passed on his passion for wine, land, and vineyards. Almost sixty years ago, Celso decided to plant the Doriolo vineyard, which represented the best place to produce Dolcetto di Dogliani due to its exposure and soil nature. Inheriting his father’s legacy, Marziano has achieved wines of the highest quality, showing care and dedication in producing wines that reflect the spirit of one of the finest winemakers in the Langhe region. Dolcetto is the earliest ripening black grape variety grown in Piedmont; it matures in the second half of September when its clusters are rich in sugar and suitable for consumption at the table. The Dolcetto ‘PapĂ  Celso,’ dedicated by Marziano to his father Celso, is made from grapes from old vineyards and produced using traditional methods. It is an elegant, fruity, and balanced wine.

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