Fontodi, Chianti Classico DOCG 2009

Sangiovese 100%


In keeping with the winemaking tradition of the Chianti Classico region, Fontodi has chosen to focus on enhancing Sangiovese, seeking to express the purest characteristics of this historic Tuscan grape variety through highly sustainable agricultural practices. Certified organic for its entire 70 hectares of vineyards, Fontodi follows principles of absolute naturalness, reducing external inputs and maximizing the use of internal resources within the estate. Similarly, the winemaking and wood maturation processes take place in the modern winery arranged on descending levels, allowing for gravity-based operations with an approach that respects the natural integrity of the grapes. Specifically, Fontodi’s Chianti Classico undergoes natural fermentation with indigenous yeasts, extended macerations, and slow aging in Allier and Troncais oak barriques. In the glass, the most typical aromas of Sangiovese emerge, highlighting Fontodi’s great ability to support the spontaneous and genuine development of its wines, serving as an interpreter of the rich viticultural complexity of Chianti Classico.

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