Colterenzio-Schreckbichl Lafoa Cabernet Sauvignon Alto Adige 2002

Cabernet Sauvignon 100%


The Colterenzio winery was established in 1960 by 28 winemakers, and over the years, more have joined, totaling around 300 today who work across an area of 300 hectares. The quality of the land and wines in this area was recognized back in 15 BC when Cornelius settled here, laying the foundations for Colterenzio’s viticulture. The fundamental pillars of the company’s philosophy are naturalness, respect for traditions, and the use of modern technologies. These principles underpin the three main types of wines: classic wines for daily consumption, Praedium wines produced from the Oltradige estates, and the prestigious Cornell wines, which hold significant international value. The Colterenzio Cabernet Sauvignon Linea Lafòa originates from a vineyard that yields wines with an unmistakable character, notable structure, and outstanding class. The Lafòa undergoes an 18-month aging process in both new and used oak barriques, showing great aging potential.

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